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Starting when I was 43 years old I have had many appointments with many doctors for problems with several aspects of my heart health. I am now 66 and am most thankful and appreciative that I have recently found Dr. Brewer whose specialty is preventing heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. He is by far the most caring physician I’ve seen. He excels at listening to the patient and explaining what he is recommending, and exactly why he is recommending it. By taking the most recent medical science and using cutting edge diagnostic tools he determines the best way to apply this knowledge using his preventive medical experience to treat the patient’s condition. 

He treats the patient as a specific individual using knowledge of their current health, as well as their genetic health testing results. But he doesn’t stop there; he makes sure the patient understands their condition and its health effects, the reasons for the treatment he recommends and also how to implement the treatment for the best results. Additional and continuing support is available. He treats the whole person in the most specific, complete, and thorough way. He does this in a most caring manner. He is by far the best I have found and I highly recommend him and his support staff.

To sum up my experience of Dr. Brewer: he not only provides cutting edge medical care, he provides care specific and personal to you – individualized to your body’s current condition and genetic make up. He does this all while listening to your and your questions because he wants you to get the most out of his work. He truly cares. 

Carl Stallmann


Dennis Vaughn

DDS, Kingwood, TX

Robert Rosenfeld

DDS, Solana Beach, CA

Marvin Wilkerson

CH., CI., Brentwood, TN

Nancy Vaughn

Kingwood, TX, Kingwood, TX

John Lorscheider

Oconomowoc, WI, Kingwood, TX

Lois P


Bruce D

Valparaiso, IN

Tom T

Albany, OH


Louisville, KY

Brad Scheidt

Nadine Mace

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