Louisville Conference

Well, it’s lived up to my expectations. I wanted to get specific questions answered. I watched a lot of Dr. Ford’s videos online, and so I came in feeling well-educated. But you learn a lot from the other people here, learning their stories, their results, and their experiences. And so is a filling in of a lot of holes and answering a lot of questions. Plus, you able to interchange in a real dynamic way with Dr. Brewer, so that’s a big plus.

It’s the whole people, everyone in the room. The audience is such a great caliber of people that brings so much to the table. We’re all studying the same thing from so many levels, different ages, different experiences, different histories. You got a guy from MIT. You got a bunch of dentists and doctors. They’re all coming together talking about insulin resistance and preventative maintenance and things that just are against the grain of the way we all been formed to think. It’s so refreshing, and it’s so rejuvenating.


It’s great to be here. One of the reasons I came is I’m a dentist, so I work with patients every day. Also, I have come from a history of my heart disease in my family… I just feel like in my profession, I’m in that position where I can help other family members and the patients.


I highly recommend that people would come. I think what you’ve done with this is amazing. I know there are others out there that are teaching and talking about heart attack and stroke prevention, but very few people are really trying to get people in a room, consumers in a room, and do it. So I want to commend you for that. It’s a great course. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it and talk a bit about how dentistry fits in.


For the layperson, we’ve watched all these videos, maybe like I did over the last year, and you have these dots of information. When you come here, it helps you connect all those dots together. It gives you a better depth of knowledge.


I have been just very fortunate and grateful that the people here, that they’re just… we now see my friends and family. Because we not only were teachers while we were here. We were also students because we learned and we shared information with each other about our experiences. I think that’s been great, just having the open dialog. And I’ve really enjoyed it.


I decided to come here because I had some vague concerns about my health. What I thought was really attractive about coming here was the combination of getting the lab results as well as a CIMT, and being able to overlay that with two days of information. So for me, the labs were the starting point, and the information is what’s going to allow me to kind of think about an action plan about how I want to react to the information I’ve got.


I can’t begin to explain it at the moment. I thought, ‘What else can I learn?’ Because I’ve been studying this stuff for the last couple of years. But this was very eye opening, and I think I would benefit a lot from it. Everything here was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone.



Because of your videos, my husband and I both got our CIMTs last year and have a second one scheduled for June… thank you for your great info.

Karen Black

I think you’re really doing the service out there, particularly when you talk about these doctors today that are just missing the point. So many people are not doing well, dying, having cardiac instances because they’re not testing for the right thing. So I really appreciate that.

Nadine Mace

I just want to express my gratitude for the work you’re doing. We’re roughly similar in age… I have to tell you that I and many others, I’m sure, appreciate your effort. Because staggering that the mainstream medical community can be as far off base. But really, people are in dying numbers that are just incredible when [they] don’t have to. Your work is, you know, as far as I’m concerned, God’s work.

Brad Scheidt



The telemedicine meeting was easy and comfortable as health discussion is in the privacy of your own home. Dr. Brewer was extremely thorough, never rushed, and gave definitive instructions based on my personal history and test results.  The best consultation I ever had!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend telemedicine or Dr. Brewer/PrevMed wholeheartedly!

John M. Rose


Hi Ford and Team, I’m glad to support you. I’ve been relying on the YouTube channel and one course that I bought over the last 18 months.  It’s helped me through significant weight loss (Keto with IF) and keeping my A1C reasonable (5.8 or lower). Please keep it up.

Andrew Novick


Always love your videos. Thank you for taking the time.


Thanks. Gotten a ton of value from your videos over the past few years.

Dan Fran

Doc since you started your videos I learned a lot about diabetes and insulin resistance. You’re doing a good job, many thanks for that.

Sid Ali

Thank you for advice and your medical knowledge, your site is excellent, keep up the good work.

Lorraine Mc Dowell

Short, direct, focused. Thanks, Dr. Brewer! Once again, your work, research, and videos have had the greatest impact on saving my life! And continue to seek more knowledge and apply it to my life.


Nothing has been left unturned. We’re checking everything, and it should be. When we get information, that is going to be good solid information that we can take home with us.

Nancy Vaughn

I personally have met with Dr. Brewer… I can assure you that he is the real deal. He is passionate about what he’s doing, he’s concerned about helping people, and you could see that in his videos.


My main motivation now is my wife says I look like the guy she married 25 years ago so that that’s wonderful. I would recommend [PrevMed] to anyone who has the desire to be healthier, to live a healthier life, and to diminish your risk for heart attack and stroke.

Robert Rosenfeld

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