Health and Wellness Coaching

Lifestyle is medicine, but it’s the hardest type of medicine to take!

Healthy lifestyle behavior changes are difficult to initiate without understanding the science of preventive medicine. It’s hard to push away from the dinner table, and it’s equally challenging to get off the couch.

But knowing the impact these behaviors have on your health, particularly on your heart and brain, can help you motivate in enacting the necessary changes. And we’re here to collaborate with you on developing your health vision and specific action plans to implement lifestyle changes and health behaviors.

We also recommend the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), a tool for screening a person’s cognitive skills. By the time you’ve got a noticeable cognitive decline, your biggest opportunity for prevention is gone. Dr.

Janice Derrickson provides PrevMed’s lifestyle and coaching services and is a certified MoCA evaluator.

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