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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Heart Attacks and Strokes are the leading causes of death worldwide. Collectively they account for over 15 million deaths each year, (more than the next three leading causes of death combined).

Most of these events are completely preventable. Much of this is due to a system that encourages and rewards treatments and procedures over prevention and outcomes. The US standard of care compels physicians to identify and treat risk factors for disease rather than the diseases themselves. Consequently, Heart Attacks and Strokes account for nearly one-third of the annual deaths in the US.

Nine million times each year, patients are submitted to excessive radiation and invasive procedures to “measure” their risk for Heart Attack and/or Stroke. According to recent literature, most of these invasive procedures are neither justified nor effective.
There are a few tests that can accurately predict those who will, and who will not go on to have a Heart Attack or Stroke. One such test catches >98% of these events BEFORE they occur.

Most of the time, these tests have not yet been recommended to patients by their primary care physician.

This book addresses these concerns and the #1 GAP in the US healthcare system today: under-diagnosis of heart disease. This book tells you which tests could help you to prevent a Heart Attack or Stroke, in time to treat it medically and not surgically.
You're Going To Learn
Get relevant background info on cardiovascular inflammation and how to measure it
You will find out different tests which could help you detect and prevent heart attack or stroke
Learn invaluable info and stories of individuals about their journey in responding to heart attack risks
and more....
About the Authors
Ford is the author of over two dozen peer-reviwed medical science articles. He also runs a Youtube channel on Preventive Medicine with over 65,000 subscribers. He started his caree as a physican in the Emergency Department over 30 years ago. It quickly became clear that the injuries and diseases that brought people into his emergencey departments should have been prevented. So, he went back for more training, this time in Preventive Medicine.  He did well and ended up runnng the post-graduate program at John Hopkins. Since then, he has been a career medical director supervising medical staff programs. Several of these had over 1,000 physicians.

Dr. Brewer now runs a program (PrevMed) which educates and treats hundreds of patients in saving lives by preventing heart attacks, strokes, and blindness. Each week there are commenters on the YouTube channel expressing gratitude for saving their own lives through critical prevention techniques. By far the most common comments provide documentation of previously unrecognized diabetes or prediabetes.

Todd Eldredge MBA,MPH,PhD
Eldredge is the author of the #1 International Best Selling book "Cardiovascular Wellness Management Success Plan" and an active researcher, involved in many CIMT - related research projects. Todd spent many years developing performance- based testing protocols to demonstrate - dependent coefficients of variability and testing reproducibility. He spent 10 years at what is now Sanofi- Pasteur where he ran a Pediatric Vaccine Business Unit. Eldridge has a BSBA,MBA, and MPH and a PhD in cardiovascular epidemiology.

Eldredge is the Founder and CEO of CardioRisk Laboratories, an international heart attack and stroke prevention company. Eldredge also co-founded the WellnessVIP (Vascular Improvement Program) (WellnessVIP, Inc; www.wellnessvip.org) which integrates phenotypical, genotypical, and physical diagnostic testing to diagnose at - risk patients, optimize their care, and monitor the efficacy of treatment in patients with increased cardiovascular risk. 

Prior to CardioRisk and WellnessVIP, Eldredge was a founder and/or senior executive of several bio and technical companies with roots in quality, technology, and biologicals whose combined success exceeded $100M in annual revenues.