This time we are discussing an exciting topic, continued blood glucose monitoring (or CGM) devices, I bought a Dexcom G6, and I want to share with you my experience. Despite an excellent reputation, the Dexcom ^ didn’t meet my expectations. And it didn’t justify the higher price tag. 

Let’s discuss the differences between Dexcom G6 and FreeStyle Libre.

I have been using the Libre Freestyle since the FDA authorized it in the United States. With the new Dexcom 6, you don’t have to buy the $300 receiver. You can install it on your iPhone, just like you can with the Libre 14 day. They have clear information on how to do it.



I’ve already been through a couple of these, and it’s very similar to the Libre. Once you open the box, there are three applicators. I would ding them for that; they don’t give you an alcohol prep inside the applicator pack. I had to use my alcohol prep. You take the applicator. Then you enter a number – 9551 into the system. I’ve already done an alcohol prep. You place it, and that’s it. 

It doesn’t hurt. You can verify the sensor is in place. I think the sensor lasts for about a month.

 Then you have to install the transmitter. It has some clarification information here. It’s easy and lasts three months. Once it is on and installed, you can match it with your iPhone, which will work as your reading device. 



After using Freestyle libre for a long time, my experience with Dexcom G6 showed me some things.

Let’s talk about the price. You know it used to be hands down the Libre, but now the Dexcom 6 has a system where you don’t have to buy the reader. It’s becoming more competitive from a financial perspective, a cost perspective. 

Now, which one is easier to use? Say plus/minus on the Dexcom 6 because it continually does the reading. With the Freestyle Libre, you have to remember every 8 hours – read it, or you’ll get breaks in your read-outs. 

Which one is more reliable? Most say that the Dexcom 6 is better. I did not see a difference in my trial.



What about Placement reliability? Some people say that the Dexcom 6 is not that great. You lose it a lot. And there are a lot of statements that users are having trouble keeping it on. It is placed on your stomach, and then you put an adhesive patch over it. You don’t have to do that with the Libre. The Libre is better in that way. But I’ve knocked my Libre off coming out of the shower. 

Which one is more Comfortable? I feel this thing on my stomach, the Dexcom 6. It’s not real pain, but I feel absolutely nothing with the Libre.

 Let me give you an example. I can’t see where that number is. Both meters gave me a peak a couple of hours ago. When I did a hard workout, my blood sugar number went to 150. It was clear on the Freestyle Libre that we’re talking about 150. On the Dexcom 6, it’s somewhere between 100-200.



The Dexcom 6 gotten more competitive in pricing. Although it could be far more reliable, it didn’t happen in my comparison trial. There was not a big difference. It certainly didn’t support the higher price of the Dexcom 6 for these purposes. 




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